Stance on Safety

NEII Stance on Safety

Safety is the building transportation (elevator and escalator) industry's first priority. NEII® and its members are committed to the promotion of safe building transportation and continue to work toward improving safety codes, developing safer products and educating the public on safe riding practices. The industry has stringent codes in place to help ensure the safety of its products, and to make certain that building transportation equipment is maintained and inspected according to its respective codes.

The safety of building transportation equipment employees is also of vital importance to NEII. This is why we work to develop safe work practices and supply employers with information they can use to educate employees on proper practices and protocols. Whether employees are installing, repairing, altering or performing maintenance on building transportation products, the industry keeps their health and safety top of mind. For more information on passenger and employee safety, please visit the Escalator, Elevator and Employee safety pages.

Elevator Industry's 9 Safety Absolutes
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